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Sosislerle savaşcaksınız ha? İşte size 2 ci bölüm! Alın elinize sosisinizi ve dünyanın en iyisi rekorunu kırın. Bakalım skorunuz ne olacak?
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Dünya sosis savaşına hoşgeldiniz. Haydi bakalım sosisler ellere, fırlatın durun. Bakalım tüm zamanların en yüksek skorunu kim yapacak?
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Tavsiye oyunlar
  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    In the Garden
  • Racing: Bus Master

    Racing: Bus Master

    Today is your chance to drive a bus full of passengers by dangerous highways. Avoid hitting other cars and try..
  • Space Pizza

    Space Pizza

    Pick up and deliver pizza with your ‘Pizza-Delivery-Spaceship’! This plattform game is a remake of the cl..
  • Castle Princess

    Castle Princess

    你有没有试过服装Castle Princess?你会很温柔,舒适,这在本赛季连衣裙时尚。 试试..
  • D-Strike


    Single-level, replayable shooter game. Difficulty and variety of enemies increase as the player progresses thr..
  • Art Pairs

    Art Pairs

    Art Pairs is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possi..
  • Bravo Garden

    Bravo Garden

    Run. Just run and never look back. But remember to click the mouse button whenever you need to jump. Get out o..
  • Alphabenz


  • Rebuzz 3

    Rebuzz 3

    Fun puzzle game with over 50 different rebus puzzles. Get the puzzles as fast as you can and top the leader bo..
  • Cottage Escape

    Cottage Escape

    Cottage Escape
  • Miner Solitaire

    Miner Solitaire

    Miner Solitaire
  • Winter Fire

    Winter Fire

    Out little Eskimo boy is shivering from snow. He has a fire, sometimes the fire is away from him and large sno..
  • GravRun


    GravRun is an arcade styled, endless runner flash game. By shifting gravity, the player must avoid crates and ..
  • Red Heart

    Red Heart

    Your goal is to turn all gray hearts into red ones. Clicking on a flower will toggle iself and adjacent ones. ..
  • Melting Ice

    Melting Ice

    You goal is to transport melting ice from one place to another before it melts. check your distance to travel ..
  • HydroBlox



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