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Epic War 3

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Updates -If you find the game wont load, refresh it. it is not bug but probably server problem -You can get Free EpicWar Poster for get the last badges , see for more information. -Webmaster: This game is available for distribution. You can put this to your site. -Walkthrough button link added -Retreat button to make all unit sentback , charge button to make all unit go forward enemy castle * -Select *all unit by pressing “zero” button -There is horn warning if revenge wave is initiated -CastleName bug fixed -Yetti Achivement bug fixed -Add Hero Hp at top thumbnail -Hero can now respawn but you will be reward if your hero not die in battle -CounterWave is appear when your hero at level3, so in first level people dont complain how hard the game is -If you feel this game is lame, give it a chance to play it further. -If you find any other bugs,whisper me


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